20th Theatre Visit to the British Isles

This year (2015) marks our twentieth trip since we launched the UK Theatre course in 1995. This year also sees our 345th Anglonaut (UK traveler). Initially we offered only a 2-credit, elective course, though students often added 2-credit independent studies in such subjects as history, art, English, creative writing, theatre, psychology, and communication. At some point … More 20th Theatre Visit to the British Isles

Beauty, Pain and Hope in the Balkans

Discussing religious pluralism overlooking the Adriatic in the Balkans semester was stimulating to say the least. I so appreciated the insights of the Political Science and International Affairs students in my course: Sarah, Marco, Emily and Anna. We thought deeply about how successful pluralism can be furthered, “a social situation in which people with different … More Beauty, Pain and Hope in the Balkans

Hello World!

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