Making A.J. Gordon Proud in Africa

Dan Darko Teaching

‘I was in Ghana this summer as one of the two main organizers of a three day conference with about three hundred pastors in attendance in the capital city – Accra. Gordon has been instrumental in making it possible for me to teach, train and equip other leaders in the Global South during my summer months.

This summer was a great success, even in the five churches I preached and serving as a pro bono consultant for three theological departments to strengthen their programs.  It was also great to meet Landon Butler, a Gordon student, at the airport and later to see Landon working so closely with my African friends in ministry.

It occurred to me, most of us seem to be somewhere in the world serving when we are not at Gordon in the summer months. A.J. Gordon would surely be proud!’

Dan Darko is an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Gordon College, Wenham, MA. He has lived in several countries during his life and was abroad during the summer of 2015 to attend an international meeting of pastors.

#gordonglobal #gordonmoments #heartforteaching


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