Cherish the Normal Moments

My semester in Australia was filled with many amazing adventures and crazy stories but what I miss most is the day-to-day life; taking the bus, meals with my host family, hanging out in the common room at school, all the seemingly mundane things that actually turned out to be my greatest memories.

Australian Bus Stop

I think why I miss these moments so much is because those moments were when I felt most comfortable and immersed in Australian culture. I remember my first few weeks and I would go into the common room at school or the library and not see any of the other American students and just feel alone and lost. Fast forward and it’s finals week and again I’m studying in the common room and I look around and all I see are Australian students but instead of feeling alone I felt so comfortable, and surrounded by friends. I didn’t feel like an outsider but instead I felt like I belonged and that I was home.

My favorite day of the week was always Wednesday. Wednesday was chapel day so basically every student from uni would be there and after chapel there would be free food and we would all play soccer or volleyball. It was just an amazing thing to witness, all of these different students from different backgrounds enjoying the sun and each other’s company. It was on one of these Wednesdays when I finally felt like I was no longer being labeled as “one of those American students” but instead just by who I am, Molly.

So while the Instagram posts of those abroad may portray non-stop adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the majority of your time is spent doing normal college student things and those are the moments that you will cherish the most.

Molly and Friends

Molly E. is a Senior Business Administration Major who studied abroad on the Best Semester Program Australia Studies Centre last year. As one of our interns, most days you can find her hard at work in the Global Education Office. #GordonGlobal


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