The Beauty of the Outback

This is an excerpt from Hannah’s blog, “Mainer Gone Aussie,” from her time in Australia. The setting for this post is Tyrone Station, located west of Brisbane and an hour from Charleville. 


Day 1

5am we are on the bus heading to the outback. Approximately 12 hours later with a total of four stops we make it to our destination. The scenery was about the same most of the ride there, large fields with the occasional herd of cattle in the road. I did spend most of this trip looking out the window and my attention was grasped most of the way. We got further out west, the greenery quickly faded into the rich red dry dirt. The last 45 minutes down a dirt road was spent catching sightings of emus, cattle, and kangaroos. Unfortunately, we also saw kangaroos that had been hit and killed laying on the side of the road. This is reality out here.

Tyrone Station is more than lovely. The man-made products, such as buildings and houses, are not as pleasing to the eye, yet the land simply blew me away. Land of such an amazing burnt red that goes for acres (40k) beyond where my eyes can see. The billabong, soft soil from the unusual rain with the gift of wildflowers along the land were surrounding me everywhere I went. The animal tracks to follow in hopes of finding them were all over and you would get the surprise of seeing them in the distance.

We were greeted by Grace, the owner of the land and her mother, Grandma (Still don’t know Grandma’s name). They had dinner all ready for us, which was delicious, followed by a lava cake and ice cream for dessert. We ended the evening sharing three things about ourselves. 1. an embarrassing story. 2. Something God is teaching you or something you’ve been asking God and 3. Something the group should know about you.

Nighttime is unbelievable. The air is so clear of everything but stars and planets. Not one plane flying through the vast darkness lit up by the bright moon. The still of the night reminded me of home where I only hear the crickets chirping, leaves rustling in the calm breeze with the occasional night bird. I am beyond imagination in this place.




By Hannah Mathews, class of ’18



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