Finding Balance in a Busy City


I always admired people who are busy all the time and take on many roles. I was not aware of all that flies past our eyes in the hustle and bustle of life.

During my time in Boston, being what I once admired was actually quite troubling. The value of having free time: to spend hours with the people you love without thinking about your next appointment, to have long talks over coffee without the pestering thought that you could be working on your big assignment, or taking time to walk around, explore, and be in awe of God, are all sacrifices I had to make when I was chasing my idea of a successful semester.

Many times I used my relationship with God as an eraser. Since I trust God, since I am steadfast in Him, since I have surrendered all of my worries over to the one who loves and holds me: the feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and tired are not real. I expected my faith to erase anything in my life that made me feel broken inside, but that is not how it works and I realized this way of living life makes God sad.

In this culture where we are defined by our achievements and our resumes, it is easy to lose sight of our true identities and the value that each of our lives hold. We are not slaves to our works and making progress in this world does not define our future. The sense of purpose and freedom that comes from placing our worth in the identity that was freely given to us is something that I lost sight of while seeking my own value in what the world values.

After recognizing this, I knew I had to reprioritize. I started to keep myself accountable for eating and getting sleep, I was able to cut down my schedule so I could get lost in conversation with people I love, I made time to spend my mornings journaling and reading God’s word: this allowed me to live life with open eyes. From this, I gained far more than the small things I can add to my LinkedIn page. As a Business Major this does not make sense; as a child of God with an adventurous spirit and one who loves very deeply, I understand that as I live a life of freedom, my position in life is exactly where I am supposed to be.

by Sarah Min, class of ’18


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