Know Before You Go: Orvieto


So, you’re going to Orvieto. Here’s what you should know before you go.

  • You’re going to eat, literally, the best food of your life.
  • Start a euro fund for gelato. You will want to eat a lot of gelato. Also, consider fasting before going to Orvieto, to make space in your tummy and your soul for LOTS OF GELATO. [this is mostly tongue-in-cheek.. or is it gelato-in-cheek?]
  • You don’t need to invest in Rosetta Stone, just sign up for a free DuoLingo membership to practice your Italiano before you go, and perhaps for a little practice while in Italy, for an optional supplement to the Italiano class.
  • Bring less clothing than you think you need. Pack only the essentials. You will be making art and collecting souvenirs and mementos that you will want to bring home. Overage baggage is so expensive.
  • But, make sure you have the right shoes. You will absolutely, definitely, 100% want very good walking shoes. In addition, running shoes. The path around the city is divine for morning runs. Lastly, slippers! The convent floors get chilly.
  • Be prepared to get to know your professors! The learning experience in Orvieto is so special and unique. You’ll be eating pranzo (lunch), and sometimes cena (dinner) with your professors. Ask them questions. Probe their minds. It’s worth it.
  • Start a small mail fund. Maybe you’ll improve your penmanship, or purchase some beautiful Florentine stationery and will want to write home to your mama.
  • Bring travel sized bottles for your products for when you might travel outside of Italy on a weekend. You don’t want your whole Paul Mitchell bottle confiscated.

Made with love from your amici from the Orvieto semester last primavera.

Safe travels and ciao for now!


By: Rachel Baldwin, Orvieto Alumna Spring ’16.


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