A King Denied

King Charles I was not a popular guy. A little too Catholic-friendly and power hungry, the king was already under much scrutiny when he attempted to abolish Parliament. Indeed, it did not take long for civil war to break out. So the king moved his court from London to Oxford, and at some point during … More A King Denied


There is a saying I heard about quite a lot while living in the south of Spain, in Sevilla (forgive me if I write and say it the Spanish way, it’s been embedded into my brain and my being). The quote reads something along the lines of, “They told me Sevilla was the best place … More Home

Withdrawing to Gain Strength in Orvieto: One Student’s Reflections on a Semester Abroad

Riposo. Read. Run. That was my afternoon routine in between the Benedictine pattern of class in the morning, chapter meeting with my 19 new sisters and brothers, followed by a grand pranzo together in the refectory of an old Italian convent. The shared space that once filled the hearts and stomachs of another near-familial community—the Servite nuns—would … More Withdrawing to Gain Strength in Orvieto: One Student’s Reflections on a Semester Abroad


              Last year today I was twenty. I hadn’t seen castles and catacombs. I hadn’t walked in the countryside all night long. I hadn’t stood before terrifying living history, I hadn’t yet vomited beets out of my nose after catching a 24-hour flu along with an entire town, I … More Metamorphosis


Like many of the other study abroad students, I didn’t know what to expect when I landed in Lithuania. I heard it was going to be cold and it was, but I didn’t really hear much else that would prepare me for what I was about to experience. Talking about something and living through it … More Klaipeda

Mind the Gap

Navigating London may sound terrifying, and to an extent it is. It’s a massive city, sprawled out on the Thames like a patient etherized on a cloudy, dark table. But thankfully, for those of us temporary residents, the city’s predecessors have given it the best inheritance, the Tube: the most organized possible public transit system. … More Mind the Gap

Tea Time with Pina

Like many alumni of Gordon IN Orvieto, I returned to the States as a coffee addict. In the span of two weeks, I bought my now-loved Moka maker, received a French press from a friend, and learned the art of milk frothing. I have also betrayed my New England roots by switching from Dunkin’ Donuts … More Tea Time with Pina